HX Urban

HX Phantom 2.0 - 8.5

HX Phantom 2.0 - 8.5" HoverBoard

HX Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment - Australia

HX Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment - Australia

  • Easy to ride - HX Urban's Assisted Stabilizing technology intuitively senses shifts in your center of stabilization, allowing you to easily glide forward/backward and carve graceful turns that feel like surfing. Our engineers have perfectly calibrated the HX Urban's gyroscopic sensors so it remains level under your feet.
  • Powerful Motor - With its 250W brushless hub motor, HX Urban provides you a powerful & reliable riding experience reaching speeds of up to 18 km/h.
  • Removable Battery Pack - Ride for an hour (up to 16 km) on a single charge, or carry a spare battery to easily switch and extend your ride. The removable battery means you can also take the HX Urban onboard a plane.
  • Customize Your Ride - The HX App ( Android & IOS ) allows you to switch between 2 different modes for your riding style: Training and User Defined. Use the app to modify the Performance Settings, regularly update your board’s firmware, check your battery status, and track your speed with the speedometer.
  • LED Lights - The HX Urban multicolored LEDs light the way as you glide in the dark. Ride with style, carry with ease and store the smaller HX Urban almost anywhere (fits in most school lockers). Surf the city with ease and convenience.
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MZ - Verified

Highly Recommend


"I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He loves to surf so when we are not on vacation I wanted him to have something to use. He loves it. It only took a few minutes to get used to and he was up and going. Even my two teenage boys 17 and 14 also love it. I had an issue before I received it. Contacted customer service. I received a prompt reply. They were very helpful. This is a great product. Highly Recommend."

Sean M. - Verified

Great product and we are happy customers


"This thing is so fun. I was looking for a hoverboard or one wheel type board and we found this. The reviews looked good so we bought it. It has been a huge hit in our household. My daughters and I fight over who gets to use it :). It took a little bit of time to get used to and feel comfortable but once we did - riding it has been so fun. My kids have asked for a week straight now to ride it as soon as they get home from school. The neighbor kids are all loving it as well. Great product and we are happy customers. If I could give it 6 stars I would."

Dylan - Verified



"Just got my surfwheel and it’s just as awesome as I thought it would be. The packaging was more than drop-proof, and everything was packaged in the box nicely. It weighs more than I thought it would for some reason, but I love it. The weight makes leaning into a turn feel a bit more reliable. That combined with the step pad for your back foot makes learning to ride way easier. It took me about an hour of on and off practice (I’ve never riden an electric board before) to get the hang of it, but after that it was a breeze. Curving in and out of the turns is nerve-wracking at first, but it becomes really fun after a while. The Surfwheel itself is super sleek, but the weight makes it very sturdy. I think this design was intended to make it easier on the commuter, and it definitely does. Grabbing the board off the charger in the morning and head straight to the train is no sweat for me - it actually cuts my daily commute in half. All in all, I would highly recommend the Surfwheel to anyone who’s interested in electric skateboards or anything similar. It seems well-built, is simple to learn, and extremely cost-effective compared to some of its competitors. Eventually these will cost more, don’t miss out."


Technical Specifications

Max Speed: 18 km/h (11mph)
Max Range: 12 km (7.5 mi)
Battery: Samsung 18650 20R
Motor: Brushless Hub 250W
Max Load Capacity: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Waterproof Rating: IP54
Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
Charging Time: 90 mins
Max Tilting Angle: 10 °
Battery Voltage: 43 V
Board Length: 66 cm
Tyre Size: 5”
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Removable Battery: Yes
Number of Cells: 12
Wattage: 86 Wh
App enabled: Yes

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HX Urban
Most Hoverboards
Motion Control
Gyroscopic Sensors + Pressure Pad Gyroscope
Top Speed
18 km/h 12 km/h
LED light
+256 colors | 3 LEDs N/A
8.8 kg 11 kg
Removable Battery Pack
Yes No
Carry on flight
Yes No
Projected light
1 meter N/A
Carry handle
Built in N/A
Safety wheels
Front & Rear safety wheels N/A
Riding Position
Balanced sideway stance Front facing stance