What makes the HX Phantom 2.0 superior?

Powerful Motor

The HX Phantom range is armed with a custom design twin electric brushless motor.

Supercharged Battery

Custom designed by LG for HX Phantom, our supercharged battery is specifically made to last seamlessly.

High Speed

Our HX Phantom Hoverboard 2.0 leads the industry in speed, outpacing its predecessors and popular brands with our powerful motor.

Easy to Ride

The high-tech gyroscope accelerator ensures the HX Phantom Hoverboard self-balances, making it easy for anyone to step on and start riding.

Fast Charge

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure our battery charges in less than an hour while preserving battery life.


The HX is designed to ensure slopes and any terrain is no obstacle. The 30° climbing angle of HX Phantom Hoverboard blows other hoverboards out of the water.