HX Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment - Australia

Transform your ride with the ultimate hoverboard go kart experience

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  • Exciting go kart experience - Instantly turn your HX Phantom 2.0 hoverboard into an exciting electric go kart for even more fun with the HX hoverboard go kart attachment.
  • 360 degree swivel wheel - Easy to control handles with a single front wheel hoverboard kart that allows you to move backwards, forward, spin 360 degrees, do wheelies and even drift.
  • Versatile - Compatible with many hoverboard tyre sizes including 6.5”, 8”, 8.5” and 10”. Please note this hoverboard kart is only compatible with the HX Phantom 2.0 and not with other HX hoverboard models.
  • Adjustable frame length - Reinforced extendable metal frame designed to accommodate riders of various heights for the perfect fit for all ages and sizes.
  • Comfortable seat design - Sitting on the hoverboard with seat design makes maintaining balance and control with the hoverboard go kart attachment easier than ever.
  • Easy to assemble - Designed with assembly in mind, this hoverboard kart can be set up and ready to ride in just a few simple steps, with minimal hassle and maximum fun. Β 

Please note: HX Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment is exclusively compatible with the HX Phantom 2.0 and not suitable for use with the HX Phantom 3.0 and the HX Phantom Race. Β 

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What makes the HX hoverboard go kart attachment loved by Australia?

Easy installation: Effortlessly attach the go kart to your HX Phantom 2.0 using the two high strength straps for a secure fit without any tools. This hoverboard with seat attachment provides quick setup and stability with every ride.

Durable design: Built with heavy duty metal and boasting an adjustable frame, this go kart ensures long-lasting performance and stability for a safe riding experience.

Ergonomic seat: Large sized seat for comfort, featuring an ergonomic design that provides ample space and support, built for a fun riding experience with riders of all sizes.

Rear suspension: Equipped with rear suspension to absorb bumps for a smoother, more comfortable ride on uneven terrains.

Solid grips: Soft sponge handles offer more grip for improved comfort. Plus, the crossbar feet grips offer more traction for secure footing with every ride.

Intuitive controls: Push both handles down to move forward, pull both handles up to reverse, raise the left handle and lower the right handle to turn left, and vice versa to turn right. These controls make manoeuvring easy and enjoyable for riders of all skill levels.

Experience the excitement with the HX hoverboard go kart attachment


HX Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment Specifications

Explore all the specifications of our state-of-the-art hoverboard with seat go-kart, designed for thrilling rides and exceptional performance. From adjustable frame lengths to durable construction, discover how each feature will enhance your ride.

Compatibility: Fits 6.5, 8 ,8.5 ,10 inch hoverboards
Frame Length: Adjustable from 71.8cm to 85cm
Max Load: 120kg
Safety Control: Full Control Handle Steering
Wheels: 360Β° swivel wheel for full flexibility
Handles: Soft & sweat-absorbent sponge handles can provide stronger grip, prevent skidding
Seat: Reinforced, comfortable, large ergonomic seat
Net Weight: 8kg
Gross Weight: 10kg
Package Dimension: 51x44x29.5
Extras included: 2 Seat Straps, Fixings & Tools for easy assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

The HX hoverboard go kart attachment is compatible with the HX Phantom 2.0 only and some other 6.5”, 8”, 8.5” and 10” hoverboards.
Attaching the HX hoverboard kart is straightforward and requires no tools. Simply secure it using the provided straps and adjust as needed for a secure fit. Can the go kart accommodate riders of different heights? Yes, the hoverboard with seat kart features an adjustable frame that can be tailored to fit a rider’s height comfortably.
The HX hoverboard kart is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. While it performs best on flat, smooth surfaces, its durable construction allows for some versatility on gentle terrains.
To ensure optimal performance and longevity, regularly check and tighten bolts, keep the frame clean and dry, and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or extreme weather conditions.
Yes, the hoverboard go kart comes with a 1 year warranty. Please refer to the warranty terms on our website for coverage details.