CircuPlus Massage Gun

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  • AIDS MUSCLE RECOVERY: Ideal for pre-training and post-training muscle activation, massages have been shown to help increase blood circulation, assist in recovery and relieve muscle fatigue, pain and tension, potentially leading to increased mobility.
  • PORTABLE: A wireless design and rechargeable system means you can take it with you for on-the-go treatment and relief.  
  • VERSATILE: 6 interchangeable massage heads and 4 intensity levels to alleviate muscle tension.
  • POWERFUL: Thanks to a Brushless High-Toque Motor, the Circuplus Massage Gun delivers rapid, repetitive pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue to help alleviate muscle fatigue, pain and tension.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE BATTERY: The CircuPlus Massage Gun muscle massager is equipped with 2000mAh high-quality lithium battery, can last about 4 hours with every full charge.
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Massage Gun with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Six changeable massage heads

AC Wall Charger

Carrying Case

User Manual

24x7 Support & Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

Technical Specifications

Scheduled use: 10 minutes intelligent timing
Charge input voltage: DC16.8V/1A
Input voltage for charger: 110v~240v
Use time per battery charge: over 4 hours
Rechargeable lithium battery: 2000mAh
Standard power: 20W
Massage Heads: Six changeable massage heads
Net weight: 1.1kg
Gross weight: 1.5kg
Product size: 23.5*7*24cm

Functions & Benefits



The Circuplus Massage Gun is perfect for breaking up the knots in muscles and muscle recovery after a workout. A faster recovery means better athletic performance. Enhance and expedite muscle recovery with the Circuplus massage gun. Relieve muscle aches pains by breaking down knots and increase blood flow to your muscles. End fatigue by releasing and ridding your body of lactic acid and other toxins. Deliver, replenish oxygen and nutrients in your muscles for a quicker recovery You will feel like the Circuplus Massage Gun really brings life back into those muscles so you can resume your favourite activities without constant pain.



The Circuplus Massage Gun is designed and engineered to treat sore lactic acid filled muscles and release tight joints. The deep muscle stimulation provided by Massage Gun therapy can deliver the following benefits: Ease soft tissue pain Release lactic acid Accelerate muscle recovery Suitable for rehabilitation after sports injury Relieve body fatigue, combat stiffness and spasms Stimulate muscle growth Improve blood circulation Quickly enhance range of motion Gentle muscle stretch Improve muscle responsiveness Improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues, prevents the build up of post exercise toxins.



The Circuplus Massager is a well built high quality machine with up to 4 speed settings for optimal pressure. The muscle massage gun is lightweight and easy to use, helps you relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, enhances and expedites muscle recovery, workout recovery and relaxes your body. Loosen up your muscles for a deeper stretch before workout, yoga or pilates. Your purchase comes with an UNCONDITIONAL 30 day money back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED :-)



The ergonomic handle, power push button and articulating head is designed so you can reach many of your pain points with ease



Offers 6 different shaped customized massager heads to help you relax different body parts. Included with 6 massage tips: Standard Small Ball: for small muscle groups Large Ball: for large muscle groups (quads, glutes, etc.) and extreme muscle and joint soreness Flat head: Ideal for general use, suitable for all parts of the body Fork head: Mainly used for spine, neck and shoulder for sensitive muscles or bony areas Bullet Head: Mainly used for joints, deep tissue,trigger points and small muscle areas (feet, wrist, etc.) Mushroom Head: Ideal for general use