• All-terrain / Off-road Hoverboard - Designed to ride on any terrain - large 8.5 inch shock absorbent solid rubber tires easily go over any obstacle. IP54 Certified water-resistant.
  • Max Speed - 16 Km/Hour
  • Built-in Carry Handle - The Phantom 3.0 comes with a convenient carry handle for easy carrying when you're on foot
  • Built to last - One-piece frame design + body made of 90% Aluminum with some ABS parts which makes it strong, flexible & durable, especially for all-terrain riding.
  • Fun for ALL ages - The ride is designed for children of age 7 or above and adults alike 😉
  • Safety first - UL2272 certified. Strictly compliant with all safety standards and CE, RoHS, FCC certification.
  • Smart App control - You can control the board with our dedicated app via smartphone. Switch between Adult & Child mode, adjust riding speed, play music via Bluetooth speakers, monitor your riding path.
  • Bluetooth Speakers & LED Lights - Ride while vibing to your favourite music with the built-in premium Bluetooth Speakers. Look super cool with the Phantom 3.0's front & back LED Lights!
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What makes the HX Phantom 3.0 superior?

Powerful Motor

The HX Phantom range is armed with a custom design twin electric brushless motor.

Supercharged Battery

Custom designed by LG for HX Phantom, our supercharged battery is specifically made to last seamlessly.

High Speed

Our HX Phantom Hoverboard 3.0 leads the industry in speed, outpacing its predecessors and popular brands with our powerful motor.

Easy to Ride

The high-tech gyroscope accelerator ensures the HX Phantom Hoverboard self-balances, making it easy for anyone to step on and start riding.

Fast Charge

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure our battery charges in less than an hour while preserving battery life.


The HX is designed to ensure slopes and any terrain is no obstacle. The 30° climbing angle of HX Phantom Hoverboard blows other hoverboards out of the water.

Technical Specifications

Safety:UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard
Max Speed:16 Km/Hour
Lithium-Ion Battery:4.4Ah/36V
Motor:Powerful 350W x 2 Motors
Bluetooth Speaker:Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speakers
Max Range:12~16 km (depending on terrain and rider weight)
Charging Time:2.5 Hours
Charging Voltage:AC100 to 240V/50-60Hz
Riding Modes:Adult & Child mode adjustable via App
Max Load:120 kg
Max Climbing Angle:30 °
Water Resistant:IP54 certified
Body Material:Aluminum
Tires:8.5 inch/215mm Solid Rubber Tires
Product Dimensions:690 mm x 250 mm x 280 mm
Net Weight:11.5 Kg

Control your ride with the HX app

Experience the ultimate control with the HX app, putting all the power in your hands. Monitor your speed and battery charge in real-time, switch between self-balancing modes and tailor your ride with adult and child settings. Set speed limits for added safety and make it your ride by changing the LED light colours to suit your style.

Comparing top hoverboard brands

Explore this comparison to find the best hover boards Australia has to offer and see how the HX Phantom 2.0 stacks up. Compare all the features, build quality and hoverboard price to make the best choice for your next ride.

HX Hoverboard 3.0
HX Hoverboard 2.0
Swagtron T3
UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard
Max Speed
16 Km/Hour 16 Km/Hour 12.8Km/Hour
Lithium-Ion Battery
36V to 42V 4.4Ah/36V 32V
Powerful 350W x 2 Motors Powerful 350W x 2 Motors 300W 2 x motors
Yes Colours Adjustable via App. LED Movement Indicators
Bluetooth Speaker
Pro Bluetooth Speaker Pro Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth V2.1
Max Range
12~16 km (depending on terrain and rider weight) 12~15 km (depending on terrain and rider weight) 11~16 km on a full charge (depending on terrain and rider weight)
Charging Time
2.5 Hours 1.5 to 2 Hours 2-3 Hours
Charging Voltage
AC100 to 240V/50-60Hz AC100 to 240V/50-60Hz N/A
Riding Modes
Adult & Child mode adjustable via App Adult & Child mode adjustable via App Learning Mode and Standard Mode
Max Load
120 kg 120 kg 100 Kg
Max Climbing Angle
30 ° 30 ° 30 °
Water Resistant
IP54 certified IP54 certified N/A
Body Material
Aluminum Aluminum ABS Hard Casing ( Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene )
Product Dimensions
690 mm x 250 mm x 280 mm 700 mm x 250 mm x 280 mm 584.2 mm x 101.6 mm x 177.8 mm
8.5 inch/215mm Solid Rubber Tires 8.5 inch/215mm Solid Rubber Tires Hard Rubber Tire / Aluminum Rimmed Wheels
Net Weight
11.5 Kg 14 Kg 10Kg
2 Years 2 Years 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
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